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Fair Pay Workplace, backed by Syndio, partners with the world’s leading companies across industries on their journey to achieve equal pay for equal work, attract and retain the best talent, and build an equitable future for all.

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As a Syndio customer, getting certified as a Fair Pay Workplace is seamless, thanks to our proven workplace equity analytics platform, data scientists, legal experts, and customer advocates.

Here’s how it works:

Certified Companies Leading the Way

Led by an independent Alliance of Experts.

Fair Pay Workplace, Backed by Syndio, is guided by an independent alliance of experts who bring together their expertise in law, business, academia, HR, DEI and data science to define the Rules and Standards that qualify companies as Fair Pay Workplaces. They maintain the integrity of our certification, so that it’s only awarded to organizations who are really committed to solving pay equity.


Pay Gap vs.
Pay Equity

Fair Pay Workplace does not simply address pay gaps. We provide analyses, resources, teamwork and certification to address pay equity on the whole. You see, there is a difference between the two, and to make a difference you’ve got to know the difference.

A pay gap is the difference in pay between two groups of people of different identities.

For example, Black women in America, across all professions, make 58 cents for every dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men. That’s a pay gap.

Pay equity means equal pay for equal work among individuals of all identities.

For example, take a role like customer service representative. If a company is practicing pay equity, that means every representative with the same general education and level of experience is paid the same amount — across every race, ethnicity, and gender, and their intersection. Equal work, equal pay.

Why Get Certified?

Why get certified as a Fair Pay Workplace? Our thorough, transparent methodology brings value to your organization in a few major ways:

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