It’s not business as usual, but pay equity must remain a top priority

Companies and employees both benefit from pay equity in the workplace, but methodologies matter in how you get there.

Organizations are taking extraordinary measures to downsize or expand their workforce in response to the current environment. These kinds of events, leave pay equity commitments at risk of being neglected. We are here to guide organizations to the right methodology that will ensure sustainable fair pay in even the most volatile economic times.

One Certification. Pay Equity for All.

Unlawful pay disparities based on gender or race remain commonplace in the workplace. In fact, it’s expected the wage gap will persist for the next 200 years without meaningful intervention.

Enter The Fair Pay Workplace Certification, a transparent and trusted standard of measurement to differentiate organizations dedicated to true pay equity. The Fair Pay Workplace Certification program offers the decisive measures necessary to enable real progress towards fair pay in today’s workplaces.

Fair Pay Workplace Certification

  • The initiative is led by a group of leading experts from forward-thinking corporations, academia, human resources, and the legal field including some serving in their personal capacity.
  • The founding members are committed to collectively define the standards and actionable framework to lay the foundation of the Fair Pay Workplace Certification.
  • The certification guides and gives recognition to organizations following a principled approach to pay equity implementation and being accountable for ongoing action to sustain their pay equity status.
  • Certified companies will gain recognition and trust for pay equity actions going beyond a simple pledge or pay equity status statements based on opaque methodology relevant at a single point in time.
  • Establish a common unbiased pay equity standard backed by academic research, tested methodologies, root-cause understanding, and sound best practices from the experts of our leadership alliance.
  • Verify 100% workplace pay equity for companies who are committed to closing pay gaps based on gender, race, and other factors.
  • Certified Fair Pay Workplaces earn this trusted mark after being approved by an independent third party who verifies they have met the established standards for pay equity.
  • The required assessment methodology establishes clear and transparent guidelines around grouping similar employees and sets limitations on unique employee exclusions when comparing and applying necessary remediation to disadvantaged individuals.

Our Partners

We are proud to have an alliance of experts from progressive organizations and academia, including some serving in their personal capacity, leading the way for fair pay. If you are interested in partnership, email us at