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See how our certification process, backed by Syndio and overseen by an independent alliance of experts, can help you evolve into a more competitive, effective, equitable organization.

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As a Syndio customer, getting certified as a Fair Pay Workplace is seamless, thanks to our proven workplace equity analytics platform, data scientists, legal experts, and customer advocates.

Here’s how it works:

Annual Certification Fee

Fair Pay Workplace certified companies pay an annual fee to maintain their certification. That cost varies based on your number of employees, the state of your pay data, and other factors, but we work with organizations of all sizes to ensure that certification can fit your budget.

That fee allows us to meet our core costs and serve you in a few key ways:

Certification Resources: Most of the annual fee covers the labor of our data scientists and legal experts who conduct the analysis.

Communications Support: We also offer PR support to certified organizations, to help you tell your pay equity story. A percentage of the fee goes toward offering that guidance and maintaining resources like our brand assets and website.

Community and Movement Building: When awareness of pay equity increases, the value of certification increases with it. We use our fee to produce articles, reports, white papers, and events to sustain the movement toward fairness at work for everyone.


Why Get Certified?

Why get certified as a Fair Pay Workplace? Our thorough, transparent methodology brings value to your organization in a few major ways:

Led by an independent Alliance of Experts.

Fair Pay Workplace, Backed by Syndio, is guided by an independent alliance of experts who bring together their expertise in law, business, academia, HR, DEI and data science to define the Rules and Standards that qualify companies as Fair Pay Workplaces. They maintain the integrity of our certification, so that it’s only awarded to organizations who are really committed to solving pay equity.


Fair Pay Workplace FAQs

Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Fair Pay Workplace certification. For any additional questions, please email us directly at

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