Our Story

Fair Pay Workplace began to fill a real need in the working world: a trusted and transparent measurement for organizational pay equity. Powered by Syndio, we are driven by purpose and energized by our mission: an equitable future for all.


Our Mission

To dismantle pay disparities based on gender, race and their intersection using a set of transparent Rules and Standards developed by independent experts. At our core, we are champions of equal pay for equal work.


Our Vision

Today, for substantially similar work, marginalized groups are paid cents on the dollar for every white male counterpart.

  • An Asian woman makes 90 cents on the dollar that every white man makes.
  • White women, 82 cents on the dollar.
  • Black women, 63 cents on the dollar.
  • Native American women, 60 cents on the dollar.
  • And a Latina woman makes 55 cents to every dollar paid to a white man for similar work.

Without meaningful intervention, the wage gap will persist for the next 200+ years. This reality is unacceptable and unlawful. And we have a solution. Fair Pay Workplace certification ensures that people doing substantially similar work are paid the same.

Our Team

We are here to propel the fair pay movement forward in order to create a more equitable workplace for All.

Alliance of Experts

Meet the Alliance of experts who developed the certification Rules and Standards we use to evaluate if companies are achieving true and ongoing pay equity in their organizations.

Janine Bloch

Janine Bloch
GC and Director Global Litigation, Marvell


Stan Dunlap
SVP Total Rewards, Salesforce

Zev Elgen

Zev Eigen
Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Syndio

Chai Feldblum

Chai Feldblum
Former Commissioner, EEOC


Charmien Fugelsang
Chief People Officer, nTopology


Brandon Gordon
Director of People & Culture, Stitch Fix

Lauren Jackman

Lauren Jackman
SVP, Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Medallia


Natasha Lamb
Managing Partner, Arjuna Capital

Orly Lobel

Orly Lobel
Director of Program & Employment Law, University of San Diego

Mary Hunter Mcdonnell

Dr. Mae McDonnell
Wharton, Professor of Management

Jodi Newton

Jodi Newton
Senior Director of Compensation, Nordstrom


Sharawn Tipton
Board Chair and Chief People Officer, LiveRamp