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The transparent and trusted standard to differentiate organizations dedicated to true pay equity.

Our Mission

To dismantle unlawful pay disparities based on gender, race and ethnicity to create sustained fair pay in the workplace.

How do I get my company certified?



Standards & Rules for Fair Pay Certification

Companies are measured against a set of standards and rules defined by a group of leading experts from forward-thinking corporations, academia, human resources, and the legal field. These guidelines lay the foundation for a transparent and trusted criteria assessment based on the endorsed methodology of the Fair Pay Workplace to certify an organization.

Independent Certifying Organization

Trained certifying agents evaluate work performed and planned related to assessments and ensure a completely unbiased and uniform certification process as well as ongoing check-ins.


The Fair Pay Workplace Alliance is working with GEN (Gender Equity Now) in providing certifying agents. GEN is a national organization focused on helping foster sustainable equity for all employees. Certifying agents have expertise and background in statistics, labor economics, pay equity laws and regulations as well as comp and benefits practices.


Certified Fair Pay Workplace

Organizations will be provided with tools to promote themselves as a Certified Fair Pay Workplace upon earning the certification and re-evaluated on a timed schedule to maintain their status.

Fair Pay Workplace FAQ

What is the Fair Pay Workplace certification?

The Fair Pay Workplace certification recognizes organizations dedicated to true pay equity using a transparent and standardized methodology to measure compensation comparisons across gender, race and ethnicities. The methodology in place is developed by experts and offers the decisive measures necessary to enable real progress towards fair pay in today’s workplaces.

What is the Fair Pay Workplace certification working to solve?

Not all methodologies used to claim pay equity are created equal. Without one standard of measurement, companies can boast fair pay with a simple pledge or adoption of a methodology that leads to a less than fair outcome. Fair Pay Workplace is working to standardize the methodology used and add transparency to an organization’s pay equity achievements.

Do I need to show proof of having achieved pay equity based on the rules & standards before getting certified?

We recognize that it may take time for organizations to reach true equal pay. The certification intends to lead organizations on the right path and create accountability along the way. Certification does not mean that an organization has necessarily completed remediating; rather it means that an organization is committing to adopting the appropriate standards for review, and is agreeing to be subject to ongoing review by the independent certifying agent.

Can global employers receive certification?

Yes, organizations with employees in multiple countries can receive certification. The “Pay Equity Review” allows global employers to group and compare compensation from employees based on their country of residence.

Are employers obligated to take any external actions upon receiving certification?

Organizations will be provided with a trusted mark and tools to promote themselves as a Certified Fair Pay Workplace.

How will people know my company is certified?

Organizations have an obligation to share a link on their website with an externally facing statement regarding their compliance with Fair Pay Workplace rules and standards, and provide written documentation that demonstrates alignment with the standards.

Is the data and planning documentation submitted for the assessment process kept private and confidential?

Yes. Remediation plans and analyses submitted for assessment are shared under attorney-client privilege when proper protocols are followed. The methodology and rules & standards applied are transparent but your assessment is kept private.

What is the cost of certification?

The assessment fee depends on the total number of employees in the organization and other factors. Please contact Fair Pay Workplace to receive specific details for your organization.